2 Years

59 customer reviews

$140.00 $100.00

2 Years Customer Support

✓ Fast Activation
✓ Available Worldwide
✓ Over 6 000 Channels
✓ Premium Channels
✓ TV Guide EPG
✓ No Broken Links
✓ Movies, TV Shows, Sports
✓ 24/7 Customer support
✓ All IPTV Devices
✓ No Hidden Fees

59 reviews for 2 Years

  1. harry enright (verified owner)

    very helpful and invaluble when trying to set up on different platforms.support response time is the best i have come across.great service and value for money.

  2. Hermina

    Great responce very good service will recommend

  3. Katarina

    Excellent service. Really helpful. Genuinely surprised

  4. Zarina

    Excellent quality and so many channels available. Thanks again for exellent service

  5. Jasmine

    A fantastic Customer Service. So much better than their competitors

  6. Karina

    Excellent service….many thanks for your help

  7. Sandra

    Awesome service & support. Keep up the good work. Thumbs up

  8. Rachel

    Excellent response. Thanks so much

  9. Emil

    Would recommend

  10. Clarence

    very fast services thank you

  11. Jonas

    perfect. very quick reply

  12. Erwin

    Thank you very much very helpful

  13. marwan

    very good recomand Everything worked perfectly!

  14. Antina

    Great service and pleasure to work with. Thank you.

  15. Jerry

    Only iptv provider that has provided quick response to my query

  16. Zico

    Very prompt reply and so easy to understand all.

  17. Gabriel

    Thank you. Everything is working

  18. Dino

    Really impressed

  19. Jean

    The help that I got helped me get back up and running

  20. Daniel

    Very quick service thanks

  21. Cameron

    Thanks for the prompt reactions, please keep it up.

  22. Marah

    The reply is always swift and helpful. Very much appreciated.

  23. Neil

    The company representative was very polite and seemed sincere about correcting problems..

  24. Trevor

    I love that you always answer quickly,thank you.

  25. Jeremy

    Many many thanks for your help/support to date its very much appreciated.

  26. Nicholas Benney

    Thanks for the fast response, most company wants you to wait 24hrs before they can process the information. Thanks again for your fast response.

  27. Winston Flores

    I’ve been signed up for less than a week but am bowled over by your courteous, helpful, and speedy customer service. I know very little about IPTV and signed up with trepidation. I needn’t have worried. You’ re doing a great job. Thanks

  28. Sherina

    Great, quick response

  29. jaafar balaghi

    My experience with your company is great

  30. Jaafar balaghi

    Great deal

  31. Jaafar balaghi

    Very good deal and service

  32. morten

    Great service perfect

  33. Luke

    Thank you for the very prompt reply and details provided

  34. Peter Wills

    Very good service

  35. Sandeep

    Great service, Thanks!!

  36. Nestor

    Great service fast and efficient

  37. Farrah

    Great service and to a guy who knows nothing about technology & computers quite straight forward…brilliant & thanks

  38. grace

    great support

  39. mike

    That was a quick and we’ll detail.

  40. Usman

    Awesome service

  41. Jessica

    I appreciate your prompt response.

  42. Adrian

    Fast and perfect service!

  43. Ali Kamal

    Response is quick

  44. Roxana

    Thank you so much your are always so helpful Kind regards Roxana

  45. Melanie

    I love your promptness

  46. Maison

    Many thanks for your quick response and help

  47. Jason Farr

    Awsome…just awsome. Many thanks guys

  48. Muhammad

    excellent & quick great service Thanks

  49. Therese Peters

    Great speed in answering.

  50. callie

    An encouraging response to my request for support. U

  51. Adam Joy

    This is what you call SERVICE! It can’t be better! Tremendous

  52. Craig Mann

    Always very good service

  53. Abdhul

    Once again GREAT SERVICE! Thank you very much

  54. Pilar Cortez

    everything worked like a charm. thanks.

  55. Kim

    Problem resolved quickly

  56. Maricon

    Patient, Responsive and helpful. Great Job!

  57. Nick

    Very prompt reply and so easy to understand all.

  58. Marie

    you been very helpful appreciated

  59. Angel J. Dunoyer

    All is good with IPTV PLIX

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